Optimize Resources, Empower Educators, Improve Instruction

The One Learning Platform allows states and districts to instantly implement a robust, educational community of practice where educators can connect with one another, initiatives and programs can organize and disseminate their resources, and leadership teams can develop and coordinate digitally-supported models of PD across their sites.

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Optimizing Education
Leadership Efforts

Developing and Disseminating
Digital Resource Repositories

Creating Robust
Communities of Practice Networks

The AT&T Foundation and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, invested in building this one-of-a-kind, web-based community of practice where educators can engage and share their learning resources and best practices with one another. No other state has as comprehensive a platform to respond in real-time to all of these needs and to ensure thatall of their districts, all of their schools, and every educator has equitable access to a high-quality digital environment with a comprehensive and growing collection of diverse, open digital resources and to one another for collaborative sharing without ongoing costs to local agencies.
Tony Thurmond
California Superintendent of Public Instruction

Distribute & Manage Resources with a Robust Repository

Launch & Engage Diverse Communities of Practice

Design & Implement Scalable PD Programs

Access Quality Learning Resources

Our Resource Partners - Smithsonian Education, TED Ed, youcubed, and more

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