"I am HEAR for you"

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"I am HEAR for you"

Over the course of the four lessons, students will be introduced to the anatomy of the ear, diseases, and disorders of the auditory system, the medical interventions used to diagnose hearing loss as well as a career as an Audiologist.

In the first two lessons, students are introduced to structures and functions located in the auditory system. Students will create a visual image of the inner-outer and middle ear. The students will learn about diseases and disorders of the ear. In lesson three the students are introduced to hearing exams and learn to conduct and an audiogram. In the last lesson, the students take the role of a first-year medical student; learning about a career as an Audiologist.

Throughout the project, you will experience a variety of learning modalities including the opportunity to customize the lessons to your classroom environment. 

Lessons 1, 2, and 4 are distant-learning friendly, lesson 3 will need modifications.

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