The Absolute "Yes" and "No" in Caring for Patients - PBL Project

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The Absolute "Yes" and "No" in Caring for Patients - PBL Project

The absolute “YES” and “NO” in caring for patients is very important and crucial. Medical Assistant students need to assist Physicians not only with the medical tasks and procedures, but also with the best efforts to magnify the “NO HARM” to patients and the “NO LAWSUIT” to Physicians.

This project consists of four lesson plans, which focus on the types of activities, scope of practice, and information privacy management required of medical assistants to perform their job safely and legally. Key areas covered include, infection control, effective medical communication, scope of practice, and HIPAA issues; and often each are integrated with one other as part of a dynamic, regular workflow. This project provides a comprehensive overview of the processes and equipment Medical Assistants are required to maintain and regulate to ensure a healthy environment for the best care and safety of patients and other medical staff.

Students will explore the connections between concrete and abstract concepts in each lesson, and will move towards more authentic application through project based learning activities as well. They will experience a variety of interactive learning processes and apply logical thinking by analyzing their case-based research into the scenarios modeled after real life medical events.

This unit is brought to you by JULIAN A KILER (CTE Educator) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead JOSHUA BRADLEY (CTE Curriculum Lead).

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