Bluebeam Project

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Bluebeam Project

The Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) Community uses a software tool called Bluebeam to "mark-up" PDF sheets. It is their way of quickly communicating changes, ideas, requirements, etc and keeping track of the changes. Students will be using Bluebeam to add graphic and text suggestions to improve the drawing. The process in essence has the students markup work like a teacher would, but with a very sophisticated electronic tool. 

The project is to empower teachers to implement Bluebeam software in their Architecture and/or Engineering classes as a tool to communicate changes/revisions to drawings. 

  • Lesson 1 introduces PDF Markups using Bluebeam as a "smart tool". 
  • Lesson 2 introduces the creation of custom toolbars and tools to make future jobs/projects quicker and more efficient. 
  • Lesson 3 covers calibrating a PDF so the person doing the markup can measure the PDF accurately. 
  • Lesson 4 gives good projects to practice the Bluebeam markup process.

Teachers can use this Bluebeam Markup process not only as an important, industry relevant skillset in itself, but as a teaching tool for concepts covered in class. Teachers will need to get the Bluebeam software from the manufacturer. My experience has been that they are very education friendly and supportive. There is even free training for teachers and students. It is assumed that students are in the middle (or end) of a CAD project, but the teacher could teach the software from the PDF examples provided. No prior software knowledge is needed. Students should know how to create a PDF. 

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