Computer Networking

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Computer Networking

This project will feature introductory-level networking concepts to more advanced application-driven projects using Packet Tracer. Network discovery and connectivity are some of the most important steps in computer networking, as well as in cyber security.

The lessons include the following:

  • Introduction to Computer Networking and Network Devices
  • IP Addressing and Subnetting
  • Creating a Functional Network with Packet Tracer
  • Network Configuration and Trouble Shooting

At the end of this project, students will be able to:

  • Explain how each end device communicates through networking devices
  • Demonstrate how binary notation works and how it relates to IP addresses
  • Discover how to use a Packet Tracer as a tool to map out network designs and use it's topology to configure an IP address.
  • Be able to identify issues in a network, find the root cause of the issue and fix the problem
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