Building Permits - When and Why You Need One.

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Building Permits - When and Why You Need One.

This inquiry-based project gives students an opportunity to experience real-life, adult processes for obtaining a building permit for residential and commercial projects.

Through these lessons, students will remember and understand building terms and processes by practicing sequences associated with building permits.  They will analyze and associate different types of permits and projects and create their own permit applications.  These lessons follow Blooms' taxonomy hierarchy of reasoning.

Students will watch video examples provided in the lessons, discussion-based interaction, along with MS Word documents to write down their ideas for building permits.   The final lesson 4, will have students go through the entire mock permit process.  Learning the importance of building permits is essential when students are an adult to help them weed out faulty contractor’s if/when they need to hire one, know the laws for residential upgrades or changes, and give them first-hand knowledge if they choose to go into a trade-in their adult life.

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