Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: Servicing and Repair

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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: Servicing and Repair

This project is a 4 lesson series focused on the function, diagnosis and repair of Tire Pressure Monitoring systems or TPMS. 

By the end of the 4 lesson series students should know what a TPMS systems does, what the 2 different types of TPMS systems are,  How to use the specialty tools required to retrieve TPMS sensor information, Replace TPMS sensors, and reset/flash the vehicles computer once the systems has been repaired.  

The lessons in this series are:

Lesson 1 - History and purpose of the TPMS system

Lesson 2 - Function of the 2 types of TPMS systems

Lesson 3 - TPMS system diagnosis 

Lesson 4 - Replacement of TPMS sensors

For this project ,students should have prior knowledge of tires and tire equipment used to service vehicle wheel and tire assemblies. 


Materials needed for this project are:

  • Projector
  • Computer
  • PowerPoint
  • Task Sheet/Lab Sheet
  • White Board
  • White Board Markers
  • Camera
  • Vehicle information system (ALLDATA, Mitchell 1, Identifix)
  • TPMS tools (specialty tools and programmer)
  • Running Vehicles with TPMS system
  • Share Project
  • Site Guide