Holiday Theme Project for Floriculture PBL Project

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Holiday Theme Project for Floriculture PBL Project

Don't you just love the holidays? In the floral industry holidays are BIG BUSINESS! This Project Based Lesson set will provide an excellent opportunity for students to explore major holidays and seasons and create their own holiday party vignette! Students will complete a set of lessons to learn about the major holidays that involve the floral industry, and then they get to create a plan for a holiday themed party. The final project will culminate in a demonstration design for a party centerpiece and full project display.

  • Lesson #1: Students will review the role of flowers within the seasons and major holidays.
  • Lesson #2: Students will finish research for the report and create a design plan for their holiday centerpiece.
  • Lesson #3: Students will design and create the background vignette and set up the place setting for their party.
  • Lesson #4: Students will construct the centerpiece design for their Holiday Party vignette and finish their display.

This project is brought to you by Christine Henderson with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Laura Gallardo.

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