Can YOU Sell? (CYS) The Secrets to Successful Sales PBL Project

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Can YOU Sell? (CYS) The Secrets to Successful Sales PBL Project

Could you sell hair care to a bald man? Could you sell ice to an Eskimo? Behind every sale is a Successful Salesperson.

Can You Sell? (CYS) Is a total of four lesson plans, ending with a project. Each lesson gives students hands-on practice and understanding of the topic.

In this project-based lesson plan, students will study the various components of Selling.

Lesson #1 (The Selling Process): Students will study the 7 steps of sales and the follow-up after-sales. (Sales Preparation, Approach, Demine Needs, Present the Product, Overcome Objections, Choose the Sale, Suggestive Sales, and Follow-up).

Lesson #2 (Sell It!): The students will move on to study Sales Conversion for Retailers. Students will learn how to measure the number of visitors vs. the number of visitors who have purchased. This will help students to understand the goals retailers set for sales-personal in the retail industry.

Lesson #3 (21st Century Sales): Students will study the different ways of communication in the 21st century. What methods are for salespeople to stay in contact with their clients and potential buyers.

Lesson #4 (How Well Do You Sell?): Wraps all that has been taught from previous lessons into a project-based lesson. This lesson requires students to use hands-on, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills, while students practice the skills learned in all the other lessons.

This project is brought to you by Amber Kraus with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Team Lead Erik Amerikaner.

Project: Can You Sell?

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