Minimum Wage: To Raise or Not To Raise STEM Integrated Project

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Minimum Wage: To Raise or Not To Raise STEM Integrated Project

Should we raise the minimum wage to $15? Why or why not? And why can’t we just print money whenever we need it?

In this project, students will evaluate and explore the rising cost of minimum wage. Through each lesson, students will be gathering information and skills to determine if raising the minimum wage is a positive or negative move for the United States. At the end of the lessons, the students will debate to raise or not to raise the minimum wage.

CTE – Students will research the different time periods of living and minimum wage. Students will also be able to recognize that the federal minimum wage and other states' minimum wages are not the same. The students will also study different occupations, requirements, and pay scales, to look at if an entry-level employee deserves minimum wage.

Mathematics/Algebra/Statistics & Probability – Students will be introduced to linear models and the uses of numerous real-life situations of various summer jobs. As an assessment, students will look at the history of minimum wage and plot the data to determine the line of best fit.

Life Science/Physical & Health Education – Students will be researching how much they need to make an hour to be able to afford healthcare insurance costs. Understanding How diseases (the study of Epidemiology) will affect your $$ pocket base on the amount you make an hour ($).

History/Social Science/Geography/Government & Economics - Students will look at how workers have been treated historically. They will compare the treatment of workers before wage regulations and today. Students will study how Unions historically have helped to improve working conditions and increase the wages of workers. Students will work together to create their own labor union.

This unit is brought to you by Amber Kraus (CTE), Loi Serrano (Geometry/Algebra), Ramon Aguilar (Science), and Sarah Galvan (DS English) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Trish Valceschini.

The Value of Money (Lesson 1 of 4)

To Raise or Not To Raise Minimum Wage (Lesson 2 of 4)

Pick Your Side (Lesson 3 of 4)

Wage War (Lesson 4 of 4)

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