Guppy Tank: No Business Too Small STEM (Integrated Project)

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Guppy Tank: No Business Too Small STEM (Integrated Project)

It has been said that small industry serves as the backbone of the American economy. In this project, students will study the instrumental role of small businesses on the economy, analyze the impact of unemployment, and design a small business to address a niche for an identified population.

Similar to the TV series "Shark Tank," the culminating project consists of students going into the “Guppy Tank” where their niche business proposal will be evaluated by fellow student entrepreneurs.

Related topics: Retail Marketing, Statistics & Data Analysis, Business Maths, Economics

This project was brought to you by Amber Kraus (CTE), Andre Fusilier (CTE), Loi Serrano (Math), Jerry Spencer (ELA, ELD, CTE), and Project Specialist Sheri Coburn.

What's Your EQ (Lesson 1)

Come on Down, You're the Next Contestant! (Lesson 2)

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