Floral Crop Quality and Evaluation Lesson Set

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Floral Crop Quality and Evaluation Lesson Set

This lesson set will investigate production practices, plant identification, quality standards, and evaluation skills used in the Ornamental Horticulture pathway. Students will research plant and cut flower production within the floriculture industry sector. They will learn how to identify the common plant features used for initial classification for evaluation. Next, students will be reviewing evaluation guidelines for a variety of floral and plant crops. Finally, students will effectively compare a sample set of floral crops (cut flowers as well as potted plants) for evaluation and provide justification for their placings.

Project: Floral Crop Quality and Evaluation Lesson Set

This collection of lessons will take floriculture students on a journey from production to retail, developing their quality inspection and evaluation skills and abilities. 

 - Common Production Practices in the Floriculture Industry

 - Distinguishing Growth Classifications for the Floriculture Industry

 -  Comparative Standards for Floriculture Products

 - Evaluating Floriculture Crops for Quality Standards

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