Civil Disobedience

Instructional Resource

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Civil Disobedience

Instructional Resource

This is a topical collection on the concept of civil disobedience. Users are invited to explore the theme of civil disobedience through texts from Sophocles, Shelley, and Thoreau and a variety of images.

Questions to consider:

-Does civil disobedience pose a threat to society?

-What examples of civil disobedience are portrayed here? What are some other examples?

-What is the role of civil disobedience in today's society?

-Some people prefer the phrase "passive resistance" to "civil disobedience." Compare and contrast these two terms.

-How does one measure the success of an act of civil disobedience? Policy change? Public influence?

-What role does violence play in civil disobedience?

Tags: King, Gandhi, protest, Birmingham, Greensboro, suffrage, Boston Tea Party, Antigone, Masque of Anarchy, Tambo, nun, Randolph, civil rights, Mexican-American War, Goldman