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Human Evolution - Early Human Diets

Instructional Resource

This Smithsonian Science How learning collection, from Q?rius at the National Museum of Natural History, is part of a distance learning program at This collection focuses on the significance diet for human evolution. Targeted at middle schoolers, the collection invites students into an authentic understanding of the evidence for early meat-eating in humans. Anthropologist Dr. Briana Pobiner is featured as an expert explainer. The collection includes an interactive webcast video with discussion questions, cross-cutting activities, an independent project, and other resources for teachers and students.

Key Terms: paleoanthropology, fossil, archaeology, human evolution, extinction, taxonomy, phylogeny

Key Concepts:

- What it means to be human

- Diet and culture of early humans

- Interpreting the family tree of humans

- Factors shaping human evolution

- Technology used by paleoanthropologists